1) Q: I want to share my faith and be bold in Christ, but I'm afraid. How can
I learn to share my faith as I've seen on your website?

2) Q: I've watched your videos and I think it's a bit harsh to tell someone
that they're headed for hell. Aren't you judging them?

3) Q: Isn't it aggressive and/or wrong to witness while looking like those
associated with the hip-hop culture?

4) Q: Do you all endorse violence, hip-hop, and secular living?

5) Q: I don't agree with [fill in the blank] on your website, as I feel it is
unscriptural and wrong. Will you change it?

6) Q: Can I join Street Squad?

7) Q: Where are you located?

8) Q: Aren't you all ripping off Living Waters and Way of the Master?

9) Q: I think this is all wrong. You need to preach the love of Jesus above all else.
Why don't you just tell people of God's sacrifice and/or encourage people to go to church?

10) Q: Why do you all use the "Law" when Christians are free from the Law?
Isn't this pushing legalism on the body of Christ which the New Testament forbids?

11) Q: After viewing the content on your website, I realize that I am in danger
of God's wrath and Hell's flames and need the Lord Jesus Christ to save me. What can I do?

12) Q: Do you all attend church faithfully?

13) Q: I like your website, who created it?

14) Q: Can I support Street Squad Ministries financially and is your organization 501(c) 3 tax-exempt?



A: Well, there are multiple ways to learn to do this. First, review as much free content as you
can from websites like StreetSquad.org and www.livingwaters.com. Additionally, if you are a
member of a church in the local area, R.V. and Bless'd 24-7 will provide evangelism training
sessions. Currently, we provide these sessions free of charge; however, proper coordination with
your pastor/church officials and advanced scheduling is required to accompany such requests.

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A: No. We don't believe that's the case at all. There are two points we'd like to make. First, the
individuals are making the confession (that's the beauty of this approach) and we merely explain
to them the tragic consequences of a life void of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Scripture. It is
no different than when the Surgeon General informs Americans that smoking cigarettes will lead to
health complications, such as lung cancer. He is not the author of the end result, nor is he standing
in judgment of the smoker's lifestyle, he is merely informing his audience of the natural result
of their actions. Likewise, the natural result of sin and a heart void of repentance/Jesus Christ is
eternity in hell.

Secondly, the bible says that Christians should "examine themselves to see whether they are in the
faith" (2 Cor. 13:5). If a person is a genuine believer, who has exercised biblical repentance, and
is trusting in Christ alone for their salvation, the light we've shed is merely a well-known fact to
that individual. However, if a person is unsaved or has experienced a "false conversion" the light
we've shed is necessary for them to see themselves in relation to God's holy standards and send
them running into the arms of the Savior. Remember, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of
knowledge…" (Pro. 1:7).

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A: While we understand our appearance may not be everyone's preference, we believe the
scripture where the Apostle Paul states "I am become all things to all men that I might by all means
save some" (1 Cor. 9:22) is applicable here. While appearance is important, Scripture does not
expressly provide a "dress code," we believe that one's appearance does not carry the same weight
as the content of their speech. Additionally, the description we gather from Scripture about John the
Baptist seems to indicate that his message overshadowed his rather bizarre appearance (see Matt.

Also keep in mind that we do share our faith beyond what is seen on our website. While it may not
be our norm for witnessing, certain areas contain people who will respond better to us when we are
dressed differently and we believe 1 Cor. 9:22 applies there as well. For example, if we are going
to share our faith in a predominately corporate environment where there are lots of white-collar,
professional workers, office buildings and coffee shops, then we'll dress in a manner more fitting for
the environment (i.e. dress shirts and slacks). The point is that we have our preferred tastes, but are
willing to "become all things to all men."

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A: Note that without holiness "no man shall see the Lord" (Heb. 12:14). Holiness is stressed, both
in this ministry and the church where we serve. It is paramount in the life of the Christian, as we
are not abusers of the grace of God. That said, we feel one would be wise to distinguish biblical
mandates from cultural standards. Street squad embraces the culture of hip-hop (i.e. most clothing
styles and vernacular/speech) but reject the things that are in conflict with biblical guidelines (i.e.
drug/alcohol abuse, profanity, violence, sexual immorality, disrespecting others, proud hearts,
ungratefulness, and meanness/cruelty).

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A: We at Street Squad Ministries realize with the utmost humility that we are imperfect, finite
beings trying to understand an eternal, perfect, holy, and all-knowing God. His Word is infallible,
but we are not, and we admit our fallible nature causes us to misunderstand and misinterpret things
on occasion. Having said that, please understand that we do strive for proper scriptural application/
understanding in all things and have received guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we have
confidence that the content on this website reflects the manner in which God would want us to
operate. While we will not automatically change content upon request, we will review content upon
request and seek God through thorough biblical study for the validation of such changes.

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A: Street Squad is division of a Christian assembly focused on teaching, outreach and evangelism.
While membership is not exclusive and there is no "rites of passage," it is an extension of a church.
Joining Street Squad without being tied to Harvest One Way would be like joining a youth group at
a church you never attended. With that said, if you'd like to be a partner, email us at

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A: We are located in Woodbridge, Virginia. It's in northern Virginia and is approximately 25 miles
south of Washington, DC.

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A: No. On the contrary, we love Living Waters/Way of the Master and, as you may have noticed,
we've been directly inspired by their ministry. Much of our evangelism approach has been pulled
from their teachings. We don't know Ray Comfort personally, but have written to him and donated
to their cause on multiple occasions. Although we are not affiliated with Living Waters, we
believe in our hearts that they would support our endeavors as the sole purpose of their ministry is
to "inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the great commission."

Furthermore, we encourage others to visit their website, purchase tracts, listen to sermons, and
go forth to share their faith while there's still time. This is how the church was established –
through direct progression of Jesus' earthly ministry. The disciples were taught by Jesus how to
be "fishers of men"; they in turn brought others into the faith. The people they brought into the
faith were taught to be "fishers of men" and brought more people into the faith, who were taught
to be "fishers of men" – the cycle continues to this day.

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A: There are many people who may not agree with this approach. Be it bishops, pastors, or other
church officials, this is a method of sharing the faith that does not always well-received with
today's church because it is contrary to the typical fashion of witnessing. However, if one were to
review the witnessing approach of Jesus from Scripture (see Luke 18:18-25), and other renowned
preachers who sparked revival such as Charles Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, and John Wesley, they would
note the great similarity between the messages. Whether one uses this approach or not, please
note that this it is of the utmost importance that believers use the Law of God to bring forth
the knowledge of sin and its consequences, before providing the cure for man's sin-sickness:
Jesus Christ.

If the approach we use and methodology is still unacceptable, we encourage an examination of
Philippians 1:15-18. In it, the Apostle Paul expresses his joy over the fact that Christ was being
preached despite the motives and approaches of other men. He was delighted that Jesus Christ
was the center of these preachers' message even if they were in it for recognition or simply to be a
nuisance to him. We believe this is the proper attitude for Christians who disagree with evangelism
tactics where Jesus Christ is still preached. Rather than debate such matters, we should rejoice in
the furthering of the Gospel even if we don't agree on the proper motive and method.

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A: Many Christians today have taken "freedom from the law" to mean "the law is useless."
On the contrary, the law is quite useful to the church (as a schoolmaster) and we believe its essential
to proper conversion. In fact, Psalm 19:7 (KJV) says, "The law of the LORD is perfect,
converting the soul." The Apostle Paul, in Romans 7:7, said, "I had not known sin,
but by the law" and in verse 13 that the law helped him see himself as "exceeding sinful."

How do any of us know that we are sinful or even what sin is? The answer is simple - by
the law (see 1 John 3:4). Can you see that it is necessary to help the unbeliever and the
unregenerate individual see that they are violating God's holy standard of righteousness?
Doing so, prepares the way for grace.

Note, we wholeheartedly understand, "no man can be saved by keeping the Ten Commandments
or by doing good works." That is NOT our message. We do NOT support legalism, but we do
support using the Law to help individuals see how they've offended the God of Creation. The
Law is the expression of God's righteousness. It is also the "schoolmaster" to lead
sinners to Christ (see Galatians 3:24-25) and we use it for that specific purpose: to lead
people to Christ.

Here's an analogy to help illustrate this point. Think of a 15 year-old child who is tired
of his parents' seemingly harsh demands while living at home. He tries to do his best, but always
comes up short. His parents are hard on him because they only want what's best and have provided
him with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, morals, and values. After college, that child is
now an adult who's 22. He moves out of his parents' home into a luxurious new home. He is
now free from the rules of his parents' house and their direct authority. However, would
it be wise of that young man to suddenly disregard every tidbit of advice his parents
gave from that point forward? Of course not. To do so would be to regard his parents'
wisdom and guidance as useless. He is free from their authority and the demands of
that house, but those same demands helped him become a sucessful individual. His parents
are not useless, rather they are quite useful and he would be wise to remain open to receive
wise counsel from them even though he is free from their demands.

The same goes for the Christian who thinks the law is basically useless. While we are free,
from the demands of the law, it is still a useful tool in leading others to Christ and understanding
the righteousness of God. (**Don't press this analogy too far)

For more information on this topic, we encourage a review of Romans chapter 2,3, and 7

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A: The great thing about God is that He's omnipresent – He's everywhere at once. Just as we
encourage through the video, here's what you do:

  • (EVALUATION) Examine yourself of all the things you do or fail to do that you know
    violate God's Law (i.e. the Ten Commandments). This is called sin. Be sure
    to include things that you don't think other people know about you, like; viewing
    pornography, fantasizing about another person's spouse, mistreating your own spouse,
    wicked thoughts, etc.
  • (REPENTANCE) Make it up in your heart and mind to renounce these actions (or
    lack of action) by openly confessing them before God as sinful and ask Him to
    forgive you and provide you with a new heart. Walk in holiness and strive never to do these things

  • (TRUST/FAITH in the SAVIOR) Over 2000 years ago, God became a man on earth as
    Jesus Christ. He lived a holy and perfect life free from sin, but was punished and died
    for our sins on the cross. After three days, He rose from the dead further showing His equality
    with God. Submit yourselves to the Lord and, from your heart, put your trust in God's
    only escape from eternal damnation – the One who took the punishment for your sins - Jesus Christ.

  • (READ, PRAY, FELLOWSHIP) Now that you've made that commitment to Christ, you
    need to read your Bible everyday – without fail. Doing so will help you grow (spiritually)
    and continue to abstain from sin. Pray consistently to God. Do so as often as you can
    and at least daily. If you don't know how to pray, look at Jesus' sample prayer in Matt.
    6:9. Find a local church to fellowship with other believers. If you don't know where to
    go, survey the internet and ask other people (preferably Christians). Fellowship as often
    as you can, but at least weekly. Doing so will help keep you spiritually alert and further
    your growth as a born-again Christian.

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A: Yes, those who currently participate in Street Squad's activities (for the most part) are members
in faithful service to the Lord at Harvest One Way Ministries where Reverend Randolph and Pastor
Gladys Hyman preside.

Additionally, the founding members of Street Squad Ministries believe that regular fellowship and
being committed to a Christian ministry is essential to Christian maturity. While we are not saved
by going to church, fellowship with other believers is something the author of Hebrews thought was
of particular importance for Christians, especially as the world grows worse and worse (see Heb.

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A: A close friend, who is a brother in Christ as well. He majored in Graphic Design in college and has
designed various types of websites. He started his own company, InspiredCre8tions. Please visit
him at www.inspiredcre8tions.com for more information.

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A: Yes. However, note that while Street Squad Ministries is a distinct division of Harvest One Way
Ministries, our EIN is the church's EIN – there is no separate organization within the IRS system.
Harvest One Way is the local non-denomination Christian ministry where we serve under the
leadership of Reverend Randolph and Pastor Gladys Hyman.

IMPORTANT: Please note that while we are affiliated with Harvest One Way, ALL donations to
Street Squad Ministries will be used for Street Squad related missions and expenses. Donated
gifts vary in their specific use, but aid in Street Squad's mission. We currently do not pay wages to
individuals. We use the support of Christians and other generous individuals to pay for expenses
such as: mission trips (domestic), Christian education (both learning and teaching), organizing
evangelism events and concerts to reach the community, purchasing of required material for sharing
the Christian faith (tracts, witnessing tools), filming tools and media expenses (i.e. website costs, new
equipment), collecting charitable contributions, and various administrative items to aid the mission.

While absolutely no donation is required (we honestly believe God will provide for us as we strive
to fulfill the great commission), we whole-heartedly bless God for your thoughts, concern, and
generosity should you feel compelled to give to this ministry.

Should you have more specific questions as to the use of donated funds, please email us @

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